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Curriculum on Robotics and 3D printing

The curriculum developed as an intellectual outcome of the project “Increasing the quality and attractiveness of VET through 3D printing and robotics for better labour market insertion”- 2020-1-RO01-KA202-080479- aims to provide a tool for implementing robotics in schools, either in middle schools or high schools, even if they are not focused on technical learning. It can also be a ready-to-use tool for technical high schools to modify and update their existing curricula. 


Methodological guide on building robots

This guide was developed as a European teaching and training, practical and ready-to-use tool and instrument for supporting building robots. Computer science teachers need to expand their knowledge in engineering and science and increase the awareness of the role played by the robotics in STEM education. For many students, Robotics is a domain which increases the interest in learning and offers a very attractive future perspective. A guide for teachers in this domain, can improve their professional development and give the interesting examples of the notions they teach in Computer science discipline.


3D printing suport KIT

By using tools to support the training of teachers in the complete approach to robotics, this 3D printing support KIT is the tool for building the robot components according to the imagination and creativity of the person who thinks it, introducing CAD program for designing 3D and complete the package created by this partnership having also the framework needed to develop such an approach – Curriculum on Robotics and  the intellectual support for carrying out the necessary activities for creation -Methodical guide on building robots.

3D printing brings a revolutionary approach to through three key advantages: shorter lead time, design freedom, and lower costs. It’s crucial to understand that 3D printing is a rapidly developing technology, which comes with its set of inherent benefits, and school system must be prepared for the future and to offer for his students all the abilities to adapt to changes very fast.

3D files acces to: