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The third TPM funded, organized by ”Viesoji istaiga Panevezio profesinio rengimo centras” was aimed to jointly work on the intellectual output. Another key component reviewed during the TPM was the actual state of the Intellectual Outputs and the further planning of the development of IOs, and also an overview of the entire implementation process. Part of the meeting was dedicated to asses IO1 draft, to analyse connections with curricula and outline the methodological approach and main program features, thus preparing final phases of the IO2.

The items of the agenda were: 1 Project Management – Assessment of the project (update), 1.1 Work plan, 1.2 Discussion 2. Project overview, 2.1 IO1 Curriculum on Robotics, 3. Finalize I02 Methodical guide on building robots, 3.1 Tasks and activities 4. Plan and organize I03 3D printing support KIT (e-book), 4.1 Tasks and activities 5. Project Management 5.1 Mid-term evaluation, 5.2 2nd Interim report, 5.3 Checking the project maintenance (Financial Update) 6. Communication and Dissemination, 6.1 Website 7.Quality monitoring and evaluation Plan, 8. Risk management (IMS Private School) 9. Timeline, 9.1 Project management Guidelines, 9.2 Next steps, 9.3 Actions and deadlines 10. Working plan for next 3 months 11. Meeting closure and delivery of certificates. Outcomes: The coordinator updated the participants on the general progress of the project, the analysis of the changes made to face the challenges of the pandemic, reminded the specific financial characteristics of the project (budget receive in 5 tranches). IO1 Curriculum on Robotics – State of progress of the IO1 was discussed, evaluation of final draft was made and some changes and deadlines were established for the last actions on the product. On I02 Methodical guide on building robots, the manager of the output checked the progress of the working plan for each partner. For the IO3 general content was discussed, and working period was re-organized in the general timeline planner. Coordinator asked all partners to send or upload on the working space on Drive the timesheets and the current situation of the budget used. Each partner was asked to filled the report for PMI activities until May.

The structure of the web page was discussed and new category was added. Coordinator set up the new deadlines for the next 3 month, and was agreed that the focus would be to finalize the IO1, and IO2. Feedback of LTTA in Lithuania was provided. A very important outcome of the meeting was the proposal for an extra blanded activity for students. The Lithuanian partner inform the partnership about the possible institutional reorganization.